Viruses Remove the Fear, Empower Yourself

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Stop letting the media escalate fear around the Coronavirus!!! Take back your power!

Did you know you can easily protect you and your family by boosting your immune system?

In this class you will learn what the immune system is, how it works and  what you can do to make it stronger. Protect yourself from many viruses using natural ways including, foods, vitamins, herbs, chiropractic, lymph draining and relaxation. Come prepared to share and to participate!

Class cost: FREE!!! Asking for donation to Monticello Food Shelf

Must RSVP by 5:00pm Wednesday March 11th
Please call or Text Elevated Wellness at

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This is really a collaboration, a meeting of the minds to discuss ways you can protect yourself and your family simply by building your immune system and giving support where it is needed. 



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